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Shmurah Matsah for every Jew

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 2:29 pm




“Many thanks - TODA RABA for the MATZA SHMURA. It is very appreciated and the first I ever had. It means a lot to receive it from you. Wishing you and your family Hag Pesach Sameach.”


This is one of the many messages Rabbi Zalman received this Pesach when he launched his Shmurah Matsah campaign.


A few weeks before the holiday, Rabbi Zalman wanted to carry out the project which the Lubavitcher Rebbe launched many years before of making sure that every Jew has Shmura Matsah for the Seder. He wasn't sure how many he needed and how they would all be delivered.

He went on with it anyways and 100 packages with 2 Shmurah Matsahs, a passover guide and an explanation on the importance of Shmurah Matsah were prepared by the Yavneh boys students.

Now the next big step was how to get the packages delivered. After a few phone calls to people in the community, Rabbi Zalman had 13 volunteers from different areas on the South Shore to deliver the packages.


The packages were quickly distributed to all the homes throughout the South Shore, from Longueil to Chateauguay and going all the way to Lacolle. Some of the Hebrew school students gave to their Jewish friends in school.

A few days before Pesach due to high demands, Rabbi Zalman realised he needed more packages. Until a few hours before the holiday, the packages were still being distributed and people were calling in search for Matsah.


Thanks to the Lubavitcher Rebbe who cared for every single Jew and whose vision went so far, over 150 packages of Shmura Matsah were given out on the South Shore, a small but growing Jewish community. We hope that no Jew was forgotten this Pesach!

 We would like to thank our donors and volunteers who helped make this happen.
~Yavneh students ~ Amanda Szostak ~ Sheryl Broca ~ Dina Cohen ~ Mike Dadoun ~ Erez and Avraham Natanblut ~ Samuel Elgrably ~ Jeff Soussana ~ Laurent Zaltsman ~ Daniel Silvera ~ Maya Carteron ~ Anita Gagnon ~ Rav Yehouda Dahan ~ Kimberly and Zoe Laliberte


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Where can I find Matzohs on south Shore near Longueuil, Boucherviller.


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