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A chanuka filled with light

Monday, 9 January, 2017 - 2:33 pm


This year, for chanuka, our mission was to bring more light and awarness on the South shore.

Even before chanuka started until the very last day of chanuka, the Jewish community throughout the South shore was busy with chanuka activities and mitsvot!

The Sunday before the holiday started, the Hebrew school children and other children who were not part of the Sunday program, went to Home depot for a pre chanuka workshop. Icy cold weather did not stop anyone from coming and the workshop was full! It was so much fun making super dreidles with pencils, wooden cubes, paint sticks and string. The children also got to make their very own menorahs.

During Chanuka, yeshiva boys came in from the US to bring light and share the joy of the holiday with others.  They went to shopping centers and to over 50 houses in the whole area of South shore, lighting menorahs, giving donuts and spreading joy.

On Wednesday, was the grand Chanukah on ice party. There is no better way to celebrate then with the main winter activity in this city- Ice skating. Hockey players or regular ice skaters all joined on the ice for fun chanuka games with Zvi Hershcovich. His fire and ice show had the crowd blown away. There was hot chocolate with different toppings to warm everyone one up, cotton candy to make the experience so much more exciting and of course the traditional Chanukah  foods- donuts and latkes. At the end of the show, everyone gathered around the beautiful 7 ft tall silver menorah. The Rabbi sang the blessings with his loud and beautiful voice and the crowd watched the lighting of the Menorah. There were 5 candles that night and those flames dancing in the middle of the ice skating rink gave over a powerful message to those watching.

Chanuka ended off with a Shabbat morning minyan and Kiddush in honor of the passing of 2 congregants deceased mothers.

Spreading the joy and warmth of Judaism is vital for the Jewish community and the world.  The Jewish community here is growing and vibrant. Spreading that awareness and freedom of self expression is the message which the Menorah and chanuka flames give over.

With this busy and filled Chanuka, we hope it brought us a step closer to when the world will be filled with light and true freedom and peace will be upon the earth!



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