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Party on Chanukah 5773

Thursday, 20 December, 2012 - 11:02 pm


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If there is one Jewish holiday which is familiar to the whole world, it has to be Chanukah. Any child, (or even adult!) is familiar with the image of a Menorah. At Rabbi Zalman Samama’s home, Brossard’s first-ever major Chanukah event was celebrated by the Jewish community of the South Shore.

The party took place on the 13th of December, and began with a ceremonial lighting of the Chanoukia (Menorah). Following this, Rabbi Zalman took out more Menorah’s so that each one of his guests had a chance to light the candles for his or her family. Certainly this was a warming experience, spiritually and physically as well!

After indulging in some delicious fruit, pancakes and latkes and having had the chance to become acquainted with the other guests, we let Allan Greenberg take the stage to put on his magic show. His classic performance of tricks kept everyone startled, impressed and entertained non-stop. I’m sure no one could figure out how he pulled so many kerchiefs from his mouth, from where he suddenly pulled out live, colourful birds from nowhere, or how he stuck a long needle through a balloon without popping it. The kids were completely awestruck and captivated. The adults had the double-bonus of enjoying the show themselves and seeing their kids so happy and excited!

The evening was overall a very enjoyable and fulfilling one for all, one of the first of many coming successes for this Chabad. The atmosphere was perfectly comfortable and sociable, and the events moving and downright fun. Chabad of the South Shore took care that everyone they could possibly reach would have a chance to light their own Menorah – this Chanukah is sure to leave a lasting impression on the local Jewish community. We’re all ready now for more – next, Purim!

 Written by Ben Ionsecu, Brossard 

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Cross wrote...

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