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Unity amongst diversity




It's been a month since the terror attack on the mosque in Quebec. This incident caused a lot of movement in many communities. Rabbi Zalman received calls from the Christian, Muslim and few other diverse communities reaching out to connect and show solidarity.
One person told the Rabbi: ''This event made us aware of the lack of communication and we need to open our doors and communicate to the different communities.''

A few days after the attack in Quebec, Rabbi Zalman joined père Sylvain Tremblay, Imam Foudil and many other people from various religions and backgrounds in a ceremony honoring the victims of the terror attack. 

The words Rabbi Zalman shared that night was how education is the key to avoid similar attacks like this one. We must teach tolerance and accept others. We have to teach our youth the right way to look at others.

In a second event of unity amongst diversity that he was asked to talk, Rabbi Zalman explained the passage of Shema Israel. He said that all creations come from one G-d, if we really understand this we will only see good and beauty in the other.

The many positive responses from this horrible tragedy gives us a strong message. The world is changing and people are ready to accept differences. We hope that this will only lead to a better world where all nations will be able to live in peace amongst their many differences and serve One G-d. 





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