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Une véritable renaissance au Judaïsme! (French)

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Merci Zalman et Sterna

Un jour je reçois un mail, puis un appel de Zalman Samama...

Il m'explique vouloir m'inviter pour partager, chez lui, le Chabbat, afin de faire revivre le Judaïsme devenu, pour moi, une notion un peu trop lointaine...

Le vie, les épreuves, les changements m'ont amenés à oublier mes véritables racines et parfois ma culture première !

Avec un enthousiasme réel, sans jugement et indiscrétion, Zalman et sa femme me rendent chaque semaine une part de mon histoire donc de mon avenir...

À 40 ans, n'ayant jamais fais ma Bar-Mitsva, il m'explique qu'il n'est jamais trop tard... Quelle belle fête m'ont ils fait...

Encore MERCI Zalman et Sterna, je suis heureux et fier de vous connaître...

Marc Fitoussi


2012 the end of the world?


I've been hearing for a while that in 2012 the world will come to an end. I just laughed when I heard it thinking it was just another of these theories that keep on coming and going. You just can't believe anything today. But with the eventful year we just had, today a week after 2012 I'm looking at it differently. As an observant Jew , I try to look for answers in our dear Torah which stays true to every time, place and circumstance. It actually made me think of the famous story of Noah and the flood. How did the people react when they heard that their world was going to be destroyed. They saw Noah, the most righteous man of their generation, building the Teva to protect himself from the flood and they just laughed and kept on going their evil ways when he told them G-d was sending a flood to destroy the world. Even when it started raining they didn't change their minds. Could it be happening again today? Are we being idiots by not believing that the world is coming to an end?


The answer is in this same story. At the end of the forty days and nights of rain, Noah and his family came out of the Teva to an empty world and the sole survivors of the flood. I can't imagine how they must of felt, I'm guessing not too good because G-d comforts them with a beautiful rainbow. This rainbow, He says, is My Promise that I will never destroy the world again. So that answer’s my question and reassures me a bit, but I'm still not satisfied. The ongoing world crisis on the economy and all this corruption coming out, the natural disasters that are not so natural just tells me something is going on. Just look around you you'll see it yourself! And best of all the many stories I'm hearing of different people who had it all, money, fame and power are changing their lives for good. I just heard about the book “The last year of your life” by Clint Arthur on how to lead a purposeful life that will lead you to real success. That is one example  Maybe it’s a good end after all.  


We are going through a lot of changes. The world is coming to an end. The world of falseness, evil and corruption. It's not holding anymore. When I hear on the media all these people fearing for the future, fearing the end of the world, I realize that they are in that false world and I hope they will find the real one. Truth is eternal and cannot disappear so if you stick to that world don't worry about 2012 being the end of times, its just the beginning!


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