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Parading Jewish pride in the South Shore

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Did you see a car menorah driving around in your neighborhood? Well I did and it was enlightening! It shook me to the core awakening my Jewish spark. I was a bit embarrassed in the beginning. Why is this Rabbi parading with a Menorah in front of everybody, keep it in the synagogue!! But looking around at the different  neighboring houses, I realised that everyone else was proud of what they stand for so why shouldn't I? It brought back memories of long ago when I was a kid living in the Jewish ghetto. The warmth, the joy and rich traditions that I tried so hard to get away from. It brought tears to my eyes, tears of sadness and joy. Sad that I missed so many beautiful Chanukahs, but joyful that there are people out there who keep it going.

Looking at the car menorah drive away, I want to tell the Rabbi my message: Thank you for bringing light and warmth to my world and keep on spreading it to others around you!

A senior from St Lambert. 

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