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Sukkos 5772-The only sukkah opened to everyone all 8 days!


sukka.gifFrom octobre 15 to octobre 21, there was only one sukkah up and bustling with people in the south shore. That was the one on 1600 crois. Seguin. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we enjoyed all the holiday meals in the sukka (ok one was eating in the rain!!) with people of different backgrounds.

On Sunday, chol hamoed, we had the pleasure of taking part in a sukkah party organized by the local jewish community. The rabbi gave inspiring words on sukkot and rejoiced with song and dance, many people did the special Mitsvah of shaking the Lulav in the Sukkah. 

Fatima.jpgWe also had the honor of meeting the MP of Brossard click here for more details and pictures:

Great job to Laurence Herscu and the crew for the beautiful party!



- Many people came for prayers.

- Few deozen people and Family ate in the Sukka.

- Close to 30 homes was visited

- Over a hundred people shake the Lulav and Esrog during the holiday. 

To see more pictures Click here 

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