Dear friends, 

We are pleased to present you the individual learning program 

This program is made available by Chabad of the South Shore in order to give you a chance to study one on one with Rabbi Zalman (for men) or Sterna (for women) on the topic of your choice at a time that suits you.

This program is totally free, however, you can support the activities of Chabad of South Shore by clicking here



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- Choose your hours: 

 Sunday (morning)                |   Monday (evening)            

 Tuesday (evening)               
    |  Wednesday (evening)         

- Choose your topic: 

Hebrew  Parsha  Talmud  Jewish History  Jewish Laws  Jewish Philosophy
Other :  


> Women :

- Choose your hours: 

 Monday (evening)              |   Tuesday (evening)          

 Wednesday (evening)     
   |   Thursday (morning)           

- Choose your topic: 

Hebrew  Parsha  Jewish History  Laws concerning women  Jewish Women
Other :