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Individual Learning

Individual Learning



Dear friends, 

We are pleased to present you the individual learning program 

This program is made available by Chabad of the South Shore in order to give you a chance to study one on one with Rabbi Zalman (for men) or Sterna (for women) on the topic of your choice at a time that suits you.

This program is totally free, however, you can support the activities of Chabad of South Shore by clicking here



Personal information:

Family Name:     Name:  

Tel.    or email:   



- Choose your hours: 

 Sunday (morning)                |   Monday (evening)            

 Tuesday (evening)               
    |  Wednesday (evening)         

- Choose your topic: 

Hebrew  Parsha  Talmud  Jewish History  Jewish Laws  Jewish Philosophy
Other :  


> Women :

- Choose your hours: 

 Monday (evening)              |   Tuesday (evening)          

 Wednesday (evening)     
   |   Thursday (morning)           

- Choose your topic: 

Hebrew  Parsha  Jewish History  Laws concerning women  Jewish Women
Other :